Networking Microservices using Consul

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Networking Microservices using Consul

What's this book all about?

Building a web application and scaling it to millions of users is a very very difficult task. It's not a rocket science but not the least. Someone who's experiencing such a situation often needs to answer questions that could be tough —

  • Is there a need to worry if a web application is a monolith?
  • Should you build an application as a monolith or exercise microservices-oriented architecture from scratch?
  • How to decide if there's a real need to extract out a micro-service? How to deploy such services independently?
  • How to configure, orchestrate & discover such services?
  • How these services can communicate with each other securely?
  • How to safeguard the communication with external services?
  • How to observe and act quickly in an event of a critical incidence in the cluster?
  • And many many more...

You see, it's a wild wild country! Understanding the essence and basics of microservices is absolutely necessary to answer such questions (problems) and solve it in real. Thanks to free software like HashiCorp's Consul, answering and solving many of such problems is quite simple.

This book will help you answer many of such questions by using hands-on Consul examples. It would also help you understand concepts such as centralized registry of services, leader election in a cluster, secure communication between services using mutual TLS, registering service health checks, discovering healthy services, authorizing communication between services, managing distributed configuration in a cluster, using Consul with Kubernetes, etc.

What's inside?

It's just 20 pages long handbook that you can finish reading in an hour or two. It summarizes all important stuff that should help you get started with microservices!

Sample Pages

Table of contents
Typical microservices architecture
Discovering a registered service
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