Vishal Telangre ( विशाल तेलंग्रे)


  • Hi, I'm Vishal!
  • I am a computer programmer, and hobbyist water color artist.
  • During academics, I created a popular college search engine for colleges in Maharashtra.
    It was aimed to suggest colleges based on student's marks, cutoff marks, and other various criteria.
    Head on to to see it live. It is a past 2012 college project, and still alive, but not actively maintained!
  • Nowadays, I hack in Go, Clojure, Ruby, Swift, Node.js, React.js, and a lot more. :)
  • FYI, I currently work remotely at BigBinary. Previously, I worked at Yogurt Labs, and Webonise Lab.
  • I am an avid blogger! I blog at

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