About me

Hi, I am Vishal, a software engineer from India.

I have been professionally building softwares for the web since 2012. Primarily, I build softwares using Ruby on Rails and React.js. I also have experience of scaling and optimizing applications with varying workloads.

I like to write about my learning & experience on this blog. My articles primarily focus on web and mobile technologies such as Ruby, Rails, React, Docker, and Kubernetes.

In my spare time, I build small tools to solve my day-to-day problems, and they are all open-sourced. You can find them on my GitHub profile.

I am also a contributor to the Ruby on Rails framework, here are my contributions.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter at @suruwat. If you prefer to talk in private, please send me an email at vishaltelangre@gmail.com.