Proxy vs. Reverse Proxy

07 Jun, 2020

Everyday I hear the words "proxy" and "reverse proxy". But I didn't quite sure what it really means until now.

After reading a bit about it, I somewhat understood the difference between a proxy and a reverse proxy.

In brief, a proxy which is also called as a forward proxy or a client proxy is configured by an end-user so as to overcome the restrictions imposed on her network (by her organization, ISP, or the government) while accessing certain websites from the Internet. On the other hand, a reverse proxy is configured by a website to fulfill various use-cases such as load balancing, caching, CDN, etc.

I felt that this brief differentiation was a bit rough to understand and remember. So, I hand-drawn a zine that illustrates the difference between a proxy and a reverse proxy with some illustrations.

Here's that zine —

If you liked this zine, you can download a high-quality PDF version of itfrom Gumroadfor FREE and print it.

Now if I ever forget, I can easily refer this zine and understand the difference in a minute or two.

Until then, happy proxying...

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