• A CLI utility written in Rust to find files by name.
  • Supports RegExp patterns.
  • A personal assistant application written in Elixir to securely save personal memories and emotions together.
  • Extensively uses Phoenix LiveView.
A macOS app written in Swift to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file.
A macOS app written in Swift to record both screen and microphone audio together.
Tic Tac Toe game implementation in Elm.
Yet another XKCD comic browser implemented in Elm.
An app written in Go to extend experience on Slack with some useful commands.
An NPM CLI utility to download music from various music streaming websites in India.
A plugin to provide various alert (callout) blocks for the popular block-styled editor library Editor.js.
A Raycast extension to search files in the locally mounted Google Drive folder.
A CLI utility written in Go to manage /etc/hosts file.
Is a tiny Elm application with interactive REPL-like UI.
A Ruby gem to dissect cron patterns.
Is a static photo gallery application written using React.js and Redux.
A Ruby gem to colorize strings in terminal.
An animation written using D3.js to illustrate how "reduce" works in JavaScript.